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Raminator High Performance Air Filter

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Raminator High Performance Air Filter

Unmatched performance and engine protection for your Raminator RC.  Easy to maintain and lasts as long as you own vehicle!


Spyder Fast Flow technology air filters provide maximum performance and engine protection for your Raminator R/C!


  • Maximum Power and Unmatched engine protection   Dust-Free…Guarantee
  • Reusable, High-performance, Hi-Flow synthetic media design.  Lifetime Performance!
  • Ideal for severe off-road and race applications
  • Quick & simple maintenance – compressed air cleaning restores the filter each time.
  • Fully washable using biodegradable cleaners, etc.   
  • No pre-filter/filter cover necessary.   Includes clamp.
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More Power, Longer Run Time and Maximum Engine Protection for your Raminator RC Vehicle!

No high performance RC air filter can match Spyders performance and engine protection levels!


The same advanced filtration technology that protects the world’s most expensive off-road engines operating in extreme conditions also provides unmatched protection and power for RC vehicle engines that run in dusty conditions.

Spyder RC filters feature a specially engineered, fully synthetic, nano-fiber media designed for maximum performance in every measured category. 

Lasts for years

No Oiling!