Performance Filter Sciences

Custom Filters

Custom Filters

Clients from all areas of the globe and across all categories rely on our expertise to design, test and manufacture high-performance filtration and intake system solutions.

We can produce reusable, high performance filters designed for the heaviest haul trucks that must deal with brutal conditions on a daily basis down to RC vehicles that also operate in significant dust and require maximum engine protection.

When unmatched horsepower is a requirement, no filter manufacturer can provide the necessary low restriction, high volume air required by high power drag race vehicles such as the Mustang Cobra Jet, Mopar Drag Pak and Chevrolet Copo cars as well as big power turbo applications with limited filter space like Spyder does!

From large cylindrical filters to conicals, flat panels and rounds, Spyder Filters produces category-leading technology.

Spyder High Performance Custom Air Filters

Contact us for custom valve cover and catch can breather designs featuring your company logo and copy.

Performance valve cover and catch can breather


Spyder Pro Turbo Racing Air Filter

Spyder Pro Turbo Series Street/Race Air Filter


Contact us to discuss your custom filtration requirements.