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Why Spyder


Over three decades of advanced filtration technology design and manufacturing experience allows us to create unmatched filter performance and value for our clients.


Let It Breathe!

A high performance engine is essentially a sophisticated air pump. In order for it to operate at peak performance levels and do so over a long period of time, it requires an appropriate amount of high quality air.

Think about it. A large displacement, high performance or race engine consumes a column of air as tall as a skyscraper......... every minute!

That air has to supplied at low pressure drop/restriction levels so that the engine does not work overly hard during the intake process and it should be free of engine damaging contaminants.

No performance air filter can match the high flow and dust stopping ability of Spyder!



Spyder air filters are so effective at keeping high performance engines
spotless, they can stop airborne smoke! 

Never again will you have to deal with fine dust on the
air cleaner base, carburetor as well as the implications of
dust collecting in the oil pan. 

Our filters dramatically reduce silicon (dust) ingress
and oil sample testing routinely shows single-digit ppm
counts. No more premature cylinder wall and valve wear

caused by dust entering your engine.

Spyder Nano-Tech EX high performance air filter technology stops and
holds particles as small as .1 micron and provides very high
dust holding ability, maximizing power from the green flag
to the checker.




Spyder filters exclusive and proprietary Engine Defender Technology™ stops and holds dust 4 ways.



Engine Defender Technology



We engineered our advanced, Nano-Tech EX media web using a fiber structure that outperforms every other filter used in dirt car racing.

At Spyder, we don’t produce air filters that simply fit dirt and pavement race cars and performance street vehicles. We design, engineer and manufacture advanced filtration products specifically created for the significant demands of each high-performance engine application!

Before we begin, extensive evaluations are performed by a team with over thirty years of dirt car, drag race and off-road racing filtration product experience. In order to produce the best performing air filters in the business, it’s vital to fully understand the environment in which the products will operate.

The lab and test benches tell us a great deal about what race teams face in terms of important air filter criteria. We analyze post-race filters to determine dust particle size, concentration and the amount of loading that has occurred. 


Designing high-performance filters that are unmatched in each category of measurement requires that air flow, gravimetric and fractional efficiency, and dust holding ability are all engineered to ensure maximum performance for each application.

We test every Spyder filtration product using ISO 5011, EN779 and ISO 16890 protocol as well as evaluating fractional/particle efficiency using laser measurment and counting equipment.


The result of our stringent testing and quality assurance is that you can have complete confidence in knowing your Spyder filter will outperform competitive products in every measured category and in any conditions you encounter.




Have a filtration comment or question? Our engineering team is glad to discuss it with you