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14” x 3” Dirt Racing / Off-Road Air Filter

  • Spyder 14" x 3" Dirt Racing Air Filter
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14” x 3” Dirt Racing / Off-Road Air Filter

Spotless engines even in the nastiest conditions!  Unmatched engine protection featuring Engine Defender Technology.  Stops and holds dust to .1 micron. No Oiling!

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Spyder Dirt Racing Air Filter

  • Unmatched horsepower and engine protection   Dust- Free….Guarantee!

  • Spyder Fast Flow Technology™ for precision carburetor metering - more power and improved throttle response.

  • Advanced media design - Ideal for race applications to 1000 HP

  • Spyder dirt racing filters features soft, two-stage sealing beads that ensure the filter seals tight against the base and lid.

  • Our filters are reusable and long-lasting. While fully washable using mild detergents, you can restore your filter to near-new condition each time in only minutes using compressed air directed from inside-out.

  • Quick & simple maintenance – compressed air cleaned

  • No Cotton Gauze and NO OILING!

Technical Data


Spyder Racing Air Filter.


Nothing gets through this advanced technology media web but the good stuff your engine requires for maximum power and longevity!

The same, world-leading filtration technology that protects the most expensive off-road engines operating in extreme conditions also provides unmatched protection for engines that compete in dirt racing.


Spyder filters exclusive and proprietary Engine Defender Technology™ stops and holds dust 4 ways.

Engine Defender Technology


We don’t make air filters that simply fit dirt racing vehicles. We design, engineer and manufacture precision filtration products specifically created for the significant demands of high-performance dirt racing applications!

We engineered our advanced, Nano-Tech EX media to perform a unique and vital filtration and permeability function and this synergy creates an outstanding product that outperforms every other filter used in dirt car racing.

Prior to our design work, extensive evaluations are performed by a team with over thirty years of dirt car and off-road race filtration product experience. In order to produce the best performing air filters in the business, it’s vital to fully understand the environment in which the products will operate.

The lab and test benches tell us a great deal about what race teams face in terms of important air filter criteria. We analyze post-race filters to determine dust particle size, concentration and the amount of loading that has occurred. 

More power from Green Flag to the Checkers!

Designing high-performance filters that are unmatched in each category of measurement requires that air flow, gravimetric and fractional efficiency, and maximum dust holding ability are all precisely engineered to ensure maximum performance for each application. Spyder dirt racing filters stop and hold particles as small as .1 micron while featuring very high dust holding capability, maximizing power while clean and loaded.

Our filters are so effective at keeping race engines spotless, they can stop airborne smoke!

Never again will racers have to deal with fine dust on the air cleaner base, carburetor and what has collected in the oil pan. Spyder filters dramatically reduce silicon (dust) ingress and oil sample testing routinely shows single-digit ppm counts.  No more premature cylinder wall and valve wear caused by dust entering your engine.

Spyder dirt racing air filters are robust in design and can take a beating!

It’s a miserable feeling when you’re behind the wheel and you watch flying debris hit your car, and more importantly, the air filter. What can you do? Early in the race and going for the win, you simply hope for the best. 

Count on us for help!

Spyder dirt racing filters are designed with a strong inner and outer screen that protects the filter media in the event of impact from debris. In addition, our filters also feature an inner mesh safety barrier that is pleated and potted into the urethane along with the media. This safety mesh mitigates the chance that impact damage may allow dust leakage and potentially expensive engine damage to occur.



Spyder Dirt Racing Filters …The best performance and value in dirt car racing!


For AK and HI shipments, please inquire

Spyder Super Dirt filters are the best filters ever designed for the serious demands of dirt racing vehicles. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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Stock car filter
We use the 3" tall filter on our stock car and everything is always super clean. I blow it out at the shop and we washed it once or twice last year. Really good. I hope we can race again soon. Review by paul p / (Posted on 4/4/2020)