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Polaris RZR XP1000 and Turbo Reusable Air Filter

Polaris RZR XP1000 and Turbo Reusable Air Filter

Unmatched power and engine protection for your Polaris RZR XP1000 and XP1000 Turbo even when riding in the dustiest conditions. 

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From Glamis, The Mint, Baja, KOH or on the trails in your neighborhood, ride anywhere and in any conditions with complete confidence knowing you're equipped with the finest Polaris RZR engine protection available!


Spyder Polaris RZR reusable air filter


  •  Maximum power - unmatched engine protection!
  •  World-leading engine protection with matrix composite media. Dust-Free Guarantee!
  •  Quick & simple maintenance – washable, compressed air cleaned
  •  Soft sealing beads and hose clamp ensure the filter seals tight against the intake
  •  No pre-filter or pre-cleaner necessary
  •  Ideal for severe riding conditions and RZR race vehicles
  •  Lifetime Guarantee*


Dominate the competition and dominate the conditions with unmatched Polaris RZR performance in every measured category from Spyder filtration sciences.


Technical Data


Polaris RZR XP1000 and XP1000 Turbo Air Filter - Reusable and No Oiling!


Maximum engine performance, even in the most grueling and dusty conditions!


The same advanced filtration technology that protects the world’s most expensive off-road engines operating in extreme conditions also provides unmatched protection for Polaris RZR 1000 engines.  Spyder RZR XP1000 air filters are reusable and guaranteed* to last as long as you own your RZR!

No filter produced today can provide the level of engine protection, clean and loaded airflow, ease of maintenance, durability, longevity and overall value that Spyder advanced technology filters offer Polaris RZR owners.

Maintenance:  While fully washable using mild detergents such as Simple Green, etc., you can restore your filter to near-new condition each time in only minutes using compressed air directed from inside-out.  No maintenance kits to purchase and Spyder filters never require oiling


From Glamis, The Mint, Baja, KOH or on the trails in your neighborhood, ride anywhere and in any conditions with complete confidence knowing you're equipped with the finest RZR engine protection available!


  •  High performance, high flow composite matrix media web
  •  Ideal for severe riding conditions and RZR race vehicles.
  •  99.998% Efficiency - Unmatched engine protection   Dust-Free…. Guarantee!
  •  Quick & simple maintenance – washable, compressed air cleaned 
  •  Soft sealing beads and hose clamp ensure the filter seals tight against the intake.
  •  No pre-filter or pre-cleaner necessary
  •  Lifetime Guarantee*


           Filter Dimensions

             11.75" Length

              5.5" Diameter

              3.0" Outlet   ( Not for use on Polaris 1000 engines with the small 2.5" diameter outlet )


*You can run our filter for 90 days.  If you don't feel it's the best performing filter you have ever used, we'll provide a full refund....including shipping!


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Spyder filters exclusive and proprietary Engine Defender Technology™ stops and holds dust 4 ways.


To  truly offer the finest engine protection available, it's vital to understand how air filters perform when dealing with sub-micron sized particles.

The chart below indicates particulate size and the percentage in the atmosphere as you ride, regardless of how severe the conditions may be.

Over 98% of the dust you'll encounter is .5 micron or less! 

And this fine dust then aglomorates or "clusters together"  forming a sinister film or a cake-like sludge in the oil pan.

You often read and hear of overall gravimetric efficiency numbers provided by filter manufacturers and dealers but that doesn't tell the entire story. Rather than provide only overall efficieny,  the true measure of filter performance must include how well the products stop and hold particles by fractional measure.

An example is the oiled gauze filter offerings. Listings often indicate 97-98% efficiency and that sounds pretty good. You then hear the unfortunate stories of UTV owners that have experienced major issues in terms of fine dust ingress and the resultant engine damage caused by not filtering fine dust particles.

The reason is that while the overall gravimetric efficiency (by weight) seems to be acceptable, the fractional efficiency or the ability to deal with very fine particles is very poor. 

In many cases less than 30% of fine dust is trapped by this filter style and that explains the presence of dust lining the intake components and ultimately, causing damage to your engine. What's incredibly troubling is that particles of this size that are responsible for significant engine damage are often unseen by the naked eye.

You think you're taking proper care and precaution of your expensive vehicle and that the filter is doing a good job... until it's too late.

Laser Particle Measuring -

New Oiled Gauze Filter


Don't Take Chances and Expose Your RZR  to Unecesary Risk!   

Every Spyder filter designed for severe-duty or high dust environments goes through extensive ISO 16890 particle size testing using lasers to measure and count particles, followed by real-world field testing before being released, assuring you have the finest engine protection available anywhere!.


.Spyder RZR Air Filter

  Spyder Filters Polaris RZR                                                                             . . . . .                           

Spyder Polaris RZR XP1000 Filters Stop and Hold Particles As Small as .1 Micron,  Your RZR engine is fully protected in any conditions!

At Spyder, we design, engineer and manufacture precision filtration products specifically created for the significant demands of high-performance Polaris RZR XP1000 applications!

We engineered our advanced, composite matrix media web to perform vital filtration and permeability functions and this synergy creates an outstanding product that outperforms every other filter designed for the XP1000


We've evaluated them all!

Including the original and blue colored OE versions, the gold/yellow colored media filter that was also cleaned with compressed air and the very expensive filter that is offered with a stud molded in the end cap.

Our staff designed our first high efficiency Polaris RZR filter program in 2014 with outstanding results! Since that time, significant innovations in media technology have allowed us to dramatically improve filter performance and engine protection from ultra-fine dust, while maintaining the long-lasting and easy to service filter design that RZR owners have come to rely on.

Thousands of RZR owners indicated they loved that initial, high effeciency, compressed air cleaned design and we guarantee that you'll enjoy the performance of our new filter even more!


Prior to our design work, extensive evaluations are performed by a team with over thirty years of severe industrial, dirt car and off-road race filtration product experience. In order to produce the best performing air filters in the business, it’s vital to fully understand the environment in which the products will operate.

The lab and test benches tell us a great deal about what Off-Road race teams face in terms of important air filter criteria. We analyze dust loaded filters to determine dust particle size, concentration and the amount of loading that has occurred. 

Designing high-performance filters that are unmatched in each category of measurement requires that air flow, gravimetric and fractional efficiency, and dust holding ability are all precisely engineered to ensure maximum performance for each application. Spyder Polaris RZR filters stop and hold particles as small as .1 micron while featuring very high dust holding capability, maximizing power througout your ride! 

We tested our filter for over 5 months in every condition imaginable. The end result is a filter that is so effective at keeping Polaris RZR engines spotless, they can stop airborne smoke! Never again will owners have to deal with fine dust visible on the intake as well as what has collected in the oil pan.

Spyder filters dramatically reduce silicon (dust) ingress and oil sample testing routinely shows single-digit ppm counts.  No more premature cylinder wall and valve wear caused by dust entering your engine.

*You can run our filter for 90 days.  If you don't feel it's the best performing filter you have ever used, we'll provide a full refund....including shipping!


 In Stock - Ships Within 24 Hrs

Have a product question or comment?

Our engineering team would be glad discuss it with you.

Spyder Super Dirt filters are the best products ever designed for the serious demands of dirt racing and off-road vehicle operation. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! If you don't agree that this is the finest Polaris RZR air filter and that it performs significantly better than any RZR air filter available today, you may return it for a full refund.

Customer Reviews 16 item(s)

Polaris RZR - best air filter
Just wanted to say thank you for making an outstanding air filter for the RZR 1000. We used to be nervous when we took the filter out and saw dust in the intake. That issue is now completely eliminated. Review by John T / (Posted on 7/17/2024)
RZR air filter
We ride throughout the SW and this filter has been excellent.

Easy to clean even if we are out riding and never a speck of dust in the intake.

Really good product. Review by Robert W / (Posted on 6/4/2024)
Polaris filter experience
We switched over last fall from another brand that was supposed to be top quality.

This filter stopped all of the dusting in the tube we got when using the other one.

We are very happy with the filter and it is really easy to service. Review by Mr Drake / (Posted on 3/31/2024)
RZR Air Filter
Outstanding filter. We have never had any dust regardless of where we go and cleaning the filter is easy. Thanks Review by Bushwack 18 / (Posted on 2/8/2024)
Great filter for the XP
I don't care where we go riding, this thing keeps out all of the dust. Cleaning is really quick and easy. Outstanding product! Review by Cliff R. / (Posted on 8/21/2023)
Rzr engine filter
Rode the heck out of our XP1000 with this filter. Never saw a speck of dust and cleaning is real quick. Great to hear it is a lifetime filter. Review by South Dakota Slim / (Posted on 12/17/2022)
RZR owners best friend
We had spyder filters on our rzr's for about four months now. We love how easy it is to clean and the intake has never had a speck of dust while riding in pretty tough arizona dirt. Great filters. Review by WillyE / (Posted on 9/15/2020)
rzr air filter feedback
We have a few rzrs and all have this filter. It works real well. Follow the instructions as they do take a while to dry out after washing. Hope they last for many years. Review by Chuck G / (Posted on 8/14/2020)
RZR likes it
Could not be more pleased. This filter is outstanding and so easy to take care of. Review by BB Lakeside / (Posted on 7/29/2020)
Engine protection
We have been using these for some time now and the intake is always super clean.

Cleaning the filter takes 30 seconds and it's ready to go. Its great. Review by GaryB / (Posted on 6/3/2020)
Polaris 1000
That's what I'm talking about! zero dust and the filter cleans up in a minute. The filter life is great too. Review by AllenV / (Posted on 5/5/2020)
Easy deal
The filters outstanding and we can clean it in minutes. Will last for years too. Review by TallPinesTed / (Posted on 5/1/2020)
Endurance Filter
We use two of these filters on our desert endurance racer. They work great. No more filter problems during and after a long event. Review by Mint Racer / (Posted on 4/21/2020)
Best filters for off road racing
We have these on both of our RZR 1000's and I also use it on my off road 1600 light buggy at Crandon. These are the best filters we have used. Review by MS33 / (Posted on 4/17/2020)
Rzr Filter
We wanted to say thanks for helping us keep our rzr in great shape. Engine repairs are not cheap and many have dusted engines. This filter keeps our engine cleaner than any filter and we really like that it lasts so long and cleans so easy. Do you have one for the 900 yet? Review by PorkupineChuck / (Posted on 4/16/2020)
Squeaky clean
We got rid of the factory air filter before we started riding last year. The intake tube is always super clean now and we can blow out the dust and keep using this filter for years. Save money and save your .engine. Really nice filter and it clamps on. Review by Woodsman332 / (Posted on 4/5/2020)